February 26, 2016


Watch 20 Years of 'Pokémon' Evolve Before Your Eyes in New Video

Pokémon—the venerable gaming institution that birthed Pikachu, Charizard and other legendary critters—turned 20 years old this week. Poké-fans are going to get especially excited about the video featured above, which shows different iterations of the game morph over the last two decades. There's footage from over 100 games featured in the montage, which was compiled by Digg. 

From Pokémon Red in 1996 to Great Detective Pikachu in 2016, the franchise has never looked more arresting and chock-full of adventure. Watch it above and perhaps shed a tear. Then go buy the Pokémon soundtrack on vinyl, because, uh, you know...it exists. 

Gotta catch em' all, right?