February 2, 2016


5 Seconds of Summer's Michael Clifford Sings 3 Doors Down at Karaoke: Watch

5 Seconds of Summer fans and strangers who wandered their way into this news story, you're welcome in advance, because this is just the greatest thing of all time. 

As Sugarscape points out, the 5SOS lads love karaoke, perhaps no member as much as guitarist Michael Clifford. Does that come as a shock, even? We have video evidence, and it's marvelous. 

In the Twitter video above, posted on Monday (Feb. 1), you'll see Clifford nail 3 Doors Down's "Kryptonite," at one point proudly exclaiming "[I] don't need the fucking TV!" In the video below, you'll see him (and we guess his 20 best friends) doing The Killers"Mr. Brightside," which  might be one of the greatest karaoke songs of all time.

Watch 'em, love 'em, then take our quiz: How Well Do You Know 5 Seconds of Summer?