UPDATE 2/18 12:31 PM: A new 5 Seconds of Summer video reveals something of a Sounds Live Feels Live tour setlist. Watch it above. Here's what we can make out:

Carry On (Intro)
(Intro) Hey Everybody!
Don't Stop
Waste the Night
Outer Space
Wrapped Around Your Finger

Stay tuned for more, but make sure to vote in our poll! What songs do they need to play?

Original Story 2/16 5:02 PM: It feels like we haven't heard from the 5 Seconds of Summer guys in a minute, and that's chill because they're enjoying the eight full vacation days they get a year (we exaggerate, but not really). They're about to embark on their second-ever headlining world tour, the aptly-named Sounds Live Feels Live trek, and we're still not so sure what songs they're gonna play. 

The guys recently posted a series of Twitter polls asking you, the fan, to determine the set list. The results were pretty diverse and not very telling: "Safety Pin" beat the vintage "Heartache on the Big Screen," "Unpredictable" dominated their breakthrough hit "She Looks So Perfect," the Michael Clifford-heavy "Wrapped Around Your Finger" won against "Airplanes," "Catch Fire" and "Voodoo Doll" while "Don't Stop" beat..."Don't Stop," and so on and so forth. 

They're obviously not going to skip "She Looks So Perfect," right?

Regardless of what they do play (let's pray it's Sounds Good Feels Good-heavy!), we want to know what song, of all their songs on their first and second albums that they've just gotta play. Vote below. Let your voice be heard!