February 19, 2016


Adele and Ellen DeGeneres Prank Jamba Juice Employees: Watch

Adele was on Ellen today, and gave a blistering performance of the song "All I Ask." True to the show's form, the British singer also took part in one of DeGeneres' requisite prank-schemes, in which the host fed Adele ridiculous lines through an earpiece. The unsuspecting employees of a Jumba Juice were baffled. 

The Ellen crew has the art of pranking down to a science, and Adele's willingness to go along with the endeavor bodes well for entertainment. Throughout the clip, Adele—an icon by any metric—seems confused by simple logic. At DeGeneres' request, Adele asks for a large smoothie, but in a small cup. "One small cup but a large," the singer politely requests. 

When Adele hears that her wish is impossible to fulfill, she blames it on being a foreigner: "In England, we don't have this" she says of the smoothie shop. 

For real though, do yourself a favor and press the play button above. You'll hear some pretty choice lines, see Adele cut blades of wheatgrass and swig Amaretto like it's water.