February 26, 2016


Andrew Bird and Fiona Apple Duet on 'Left Handed Kisses': Listen

New Fiona Apple music is a rarity nowadays (her last album was released four years ago), but the singer decided to come out of hiding to appear on Andrew Bird's latest single, "Left Handed Kisses."

The intimate duet, loosely structured as a call-and-response, finds Bird once again swooping in with some grandiose romanticism. While it may have been a challenge for him to compose, the end result is a warm, tense and slightly frustrating acoustic charmer that embodies all aspects of a relationship.

In a press release, Bird had this to say about the song:

"My inclination was to write a song about why I can't write a simple love song.  The song began as an internal dialogue. At first it was just my voice. Then another voice came creeping in and I thought 'this should be a duet if I can find the right person.' I needed to find someone really indicting. She was totally committed. The session was a long whiskey-fueled night-unhinged, for sure. All worth it, of course. I can't write simple love songs. People are complex."

"Left Handed Kisses" is the second taste following "Capsized" from the indie rocker's upcoming album, Are You Serious—which will be available on April 1 via Loma Vista. Enjoy the song above, and then take our quiz: Who Said It? Fiona Apple or a Crazy Cat Lady?