February 1, 2016


The 10 Best Andrew McMahon Songs Ever

Scott Dudelson/WireImage
Scott Dudelson/WireImage

If you were an emo kid in the late 00s, you were probably a Something Corporate fan. You probably found lead singer Andrew McMahon’s lyrics relatable because you were making out with someone or getting high for the first time… also, because his lovelorn songs paralleled your high school breakups. 

This year, McMahon is on tour once again, as Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness will support Weezer and Panic! At The Disco later this year… after he toured with Jack’s Mannequin earlier this year. To prepare yourselves for the upcoming live run, listen to the most essential Andrew McMahon songs below—including his best tracks as the songwriter of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin.

#1Something Corporate, “Drunk Girl”

Remember your first high school party where you accidentally got too drunk and made out with someone else who was drunk? Well, so does McMahon, as he croons how he “kissed a drunk girl on the lips.” It’s a feel-good dance track that transports you right back to your parents’ house.

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