February 24, 2016


Anthrax's Scott Ian: Phil Anselmo Is Taking a 'Deep Hard Look at Himself & His Life'

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Anthrax's Scott Ian is the latest metal artist to comment on Phil Anselmo's startling "white power" outburst that occurred earlier this month. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Ian weighed in on the controversy surrounding the former Pantera frontman (who is also his friend).

The Anthrax co-founder stated:

"I love Phil Anselmo like a brother. He's family to me. We've known each other for 30 years almost. This isn't something like where I'm just like, 'Fuck this guy!' I know deep down, truly that he's not that person. But I had to say something publicly about it, because to me, silence is being complicit."

He continued to explain that people need to be educated about why the outburst has a historical impact:

"Phil is taking a deep hard look at himself and his life, and he is going to do what he needs to do to fix things. Kids who listen to this type of music shouldn't think that this is OK. I've seen so much rhetoric out there saying, 'What's the big deal?' Ugh. I don't think I need to explain history to tell you what the big deal is."

A few weeks ago, Ian posted an Instagram message asking Anselmo to make a donation to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a global human rights organization that researches the Holocaust and anti-Semitic hate.

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