February 27, 2016


A$AP Rocky Joins Chief Keef for 'Superheroes' Music Video

Last year A$AP Rocky and Chief Keef collaborated on the track "Superheroes" for Keef's sophomore album Bang 3. Today, a video for the song was released, to the delight of rap fans and car enthusiasts alike.

Directed by Phil Jackson (sadly, not the basketball guru) the video shows Keef and A$AP going HAM in front of cars that cost more than college tuition for all three of Keef's kids. You know, living the dream.

While Keef is clearly not bashful about showing off his opulence, he's also been showing a softer side of his heart recently as well. Earlier this week, Keef was at a meet and greet when he encountered a crying fan, and met him with some beautiful words of encouragement.

Feel warm feelings, and then once you're done with that, rage some more to "Superheroes."