February 19, 2016


Listen to Azealia Banks' Biggie-Sampling "The Big Big Beat"

Azealia Banks just blessed the world with her new dance-ready track "The Big Big Beat," which is (according to her Twitter account) expected to appear on her soon-to-be-released mixtape Slay-Z. The house/disco-dance beat is joined by a sample of Biggie and some ridiculously catchy lines from Banks.

In addition to the upcoming mixtape, Banks is also hard at work on another project, Fantasea II: The Second Wave, a follow-up to her well-received 2012 debut Fantasea. She's already teased that project with the release of "Count Contessa," but the record is not expected to be released until Slay-Z is out and making people groove across the country.

Banks has also been making waves (pun only semi-intended) on the Twitterverse recently, coming out with a series of tweets stating her support for Donald Trump, included in which was this gem: 

No word yet from the Trump campaign on whether or not Banks is being considered for a cabinet position, but anything is possible.