February 26, 2016


Babymetal Releases New 'Karate' Single, 'Metal Resistance' Album Trailer

With their self-titled debut album, Babymetal became international sensations, selling out arenas at home while becoming one of Asia's top-selling acts in America. The J-pop/metal trio has now revealed the first taste of its upcoming sophomore album Metal Resistance via lead single "Karate."

While Babymetal went viral (but also divided listeners) for their out-there blend of high-pitched pop melodies with intense death metal, "Karate" feels like a slightly more sophisticated take on their signature style. Yuimetal and Moametal's hooks aren't as jarring as they once were, and Su-metal is leading the group with more matured vocals. Of course, there's intense rock production, but it works more in tangent with the group than in the past.

"Karate" leads off Metal Resistance, which drops on April 1 and includes Babymetal's first English song.

The group revealed a trailer for the LP on YouTube that included what appears to be a sneak peak at the "Karate" music video that comes with the band's signature, high-turbo choreography. Watch below: