February 23, 2016


B.A.P Keep It Fun Yet Mature for Slick 'Feels So Good' Single & Video

After dealing with a legal drama that threatened the group's future, B.A.P returned with a lighter-yet-mature image with their "Young, Wild & Free" single in November. The sextet are showcasing those same sides in their slick new track "Feel So Good."

The funk-inspired cut is a fresh sound for B.A.P, who still keep their hard hip-hop sound here over feel-good guitar and bass lines. "Feel So Good" is definitely catered to the boy band-listening audience, but the song has an air of sophistication around it that doesn't make it feel cheesy as the guys bust out lines comparing a girl's body to the sexy feel of a diamond. The light sound is reminiscent to B.A.P's chipper 2014 single "Where Are You?," but their latest boasts loads more personality.

The music video also pushes the guys' fun-but-grown image as they clown around in a supermarket and clothes store, but also bust out strong breakdancing and have ladies twerking around them. B.A.P's having a lot of fun in this video, but still showcasing their great performance skills which is a great look for the band.

"Feel So Good" is the lead single off B.A.P's new Carnival EP, currently resting in the Top 40 of U.S. iTunes Top Albums. You can stream Carnival on Apple Music now.

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