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The 12 Best Covers of Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' Era

You haven't lived until you've heard 'Love Yourself,' 'Sorry' and 'What Do You Mean?' from the mouths of your other faves!

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The 1975, "Sorry"

British band The 1975 are in a really interesting spot: They're beloved by the same teens that adore boy bands, but they're also indie-cool. It's one of the reasons they can take a song like Justin Bieber's "Sorry" and make it their own—Matty Healy and crew jazz it up in an interesting way.

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Halsey, "Love Yourself"

Halsey and Bieber are buds; they even collaborated on "The Feeling," a standout track from Biebs' Purpose album. But Hal covering Justin? It's just as great. She turns "Love Yourself" into "Fuck Yourself," which is basically the most Halsey thing to ever happen.

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Against the Current, "Sorry"

Against the Current are a pop-rock band on the rise. They were birthed from YouTube and most recently landed themselves an opening slot on a U.K. arena tour with All Time Low and Good Charlotte... that's no small feat. In between all that, they found the time to release a really romantic cover of "Sorry."

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Troye Sivan, "Sorry"

How do you make "Sorry" even better? Get up-and-comer Troye Sivan to mash it up with Selena Gomez's sexy "Hands to Myself."

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The Vamps, "Sorry"

With One Direction on indefinite hiatusthe Vamps are here to fufill our British boy band-sized heart hole. They're a bit more like 5 Seconds of Summer than anything else because they play their own instruments, but they really get to the sentimental stuff with their take of "Sorry."

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Craig David, "Love Yourself"

English singer-songwriter Craig David has ability to turn any tune into a sultry, R&B jam. Bieber's "Love Yourself" is no exception.

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Shawn Mendes, "What Do You Mean?"

Before finding his own fame in the music industry, Shawn Mendes was covering pop hits on Vine. He did a lot of Bieber covers back then, so it only makes sense that he'd slay "What Do You Mean?" years later.

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Thomas Rhett, "Love Yourself"

Ever ponder the idea of a country star covering Bieber? Wonder of its majesty no more!

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Alessia Cara, "Love Yourself"

When Alessia Cara isn't having a horrible time at the party in her breakthrough single "Here," she's flipping off a love lost with her acoustic take on "Love Yourself."

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Chvrches, "What Do You Mean?"

Glassnote synth-poppers Chvrches took on Purpose's lead single with panache, for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge.

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Hailee Steinfeld, "Love Yourself"

19-year-old pop singer/actress Hailee Steinfeld performed a charming acoustic version of the popular Purpose tune on Australian radio show Hamish & Andy.

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AlunaGeorge, "Company"

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge is where your favorite stars go to cover their favorite stars (obviously! Without it, we wouldn't have the incredible 1975 set that kicked off this list, The Vamps, Craig David and CHVRCHES tracks, etc.). Anyway, the latest to hit up the U.K. spot is English electronic music duo AlunaGeorge. They picked a non-obvious Purpose song, watch their rendition of "Company" above.

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