February 5, 2016


Bob Marley Gets His Own Weed, Johnny Cash Gets a Tarantula Species

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Getty Images

Marley Natural, a startup created in 2014, just launched its first four strains of Bob Marley-brand marijuana. They're available in several California dispensaries as of Friday (Feb. 5), and will show up in four other marijuana's-legal-here-woohoooo states soon. The day one price is $50/eighth. Marley's birthday is Feb. 6; he would have been 71.

Also accompanying the launch are pipes made of American Black Walnut and body care products made of hemp and Jamaican plant products. For much more information, including testimonies from Marley's family members and detailed breakdowns of the four strains (Marley Green, Gold, Red and Black), head here.

Meanwhile, Johnny Cash has gotten his own...tarantula species. Fourteen previously unidentified species from the American Southwest have just been officially named. A scientific writeup at ZooKeys (via the Washington Post) writes of Aphonopelma johnnycashi:

"The specific epithet is in honor of the country music legend, Johnny Cash. This species can be found near the area of Folsom Prison in California, and like Cash’s distinctive style of dress (where he was referred to as 'he man in black'), mature males of this species are generally black in color."

What a world.