February 18, 2016


Watch Bring Me The Horizon Trash Coldplay's Table at the NME Awards

UPDATE 2/18 12:04 PM: In an interview with the NMEBring Me The Horizon have clarified that the attack on Coldplay's table at last night's awards show was not done on purpose. "I don't think [Oli] was aiming for Coldplay," keyboardist Jordan Fish explained. “It was just whoever was nearest, it [just] happened to be Coldplay.” 

Sykes himself jumped in with, "I had no sound in my ears so I thought 'Well, there might be sound out there.' There weren't sound out there, so when I came back there was a table, which I got on. There wasn't any sound on there, but it was a bit more energetic up there. It was in no way a protest against Coldplay.” Read more here.

Original Story 2/18 11:35 AM: Last November, the weirdest feud in rock and roll began. Coldplay shared the artwork for their latest album, A Head Full of Dreams, via posters in and around London. The design looked surprisingly similar to the cover of a Bring Me The Horizon LP, 2013's Sempiternal. Were they ripping off the metalcore band? 

BMTH frontman Oli Sykes responded with a tweet that was probably a joke, but who cares. A war began. And it ended on Wednesday (Feb. 17) at the 2016 NME Awards in London.

It looks like during Bring Me The Horizon performance at the annual English music event, Sykes jumped onto Coldplay's table, effectively trashing it as he scream-sang his guts out.

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