February 23, 2016


Chelsea Handler Says Kanye West Is Due for a Public 'Mental Breakdown'

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Getty Images

Chelsea Handler, like many others, is playing unsolicited long-distance therapist for Kanye West. Speaking to the Canadian edition of Entertainment Tonight, the comedian/author/talk show host says of the artist's recent headline-making tweets and pronouncements, "He's acted like this for years. He's not stable and he's delusional. And now he'll have a mental breakdown in front of everybody, even though he's been in this state for years."

Asked about Kanye's tweets about being $53 million in debt and his public requests for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest in his ventures, Handler opines, "He's probably trying to be funny. He thinks that's funny."

Handler says her opinion on Kanye isn't new. "He did this to Taylor Swift five or six years ago, he went up and stole her award and no one thought he was nuts then?" Elsewhere she noted, "I've always thought he's a maniac, and he just sounds like more of one."

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