February 8, 2016


Cherry Blossom Pepsi Is Coming to Japan

Pepsi (via news.nicovideo.jp)
Pepsi (via news.nicovideo.jp)

Pepsi is gearing up to launch its latest flavor, Pepsi Sakura, in Japan next month. "Sakura" means "cherry blossom" in Japanese and refers to the country's famous flowers that (perhaps rather coincidentally) begin blooming in March.

There isn't a full report of what Pepsi Sakura tastes like, but Japan's NicoNico News says that the drink has a light-pink color and smells like "sweet sakura." We're going to guess that Pepsi will probably opt for a cherry flavor than having it actually taste the titular flower.

Pepsi Sakura is the latest (and potentially greatest) flavor to hit Japan from the soda-pop giant. The past decade has seen a Pepsi Ice Cucumber flavor in 2007, a chestnut-like Pepsi Mont Blanc was released in 2010, 2012's Salty Watermelon flavor was a hit, and perhaps as the precursor to Pepsi Sakura was the strawberry milk-inspired Pepsi Pink that was introduced in 2011 and brought back in 2014. 

Just putting it out there that Peach Pepsi not only sounds delicious, but rolls right off the tongue.