February 25, 2016


Corey Taylor Might 'Step Away From Slipknot at Some Point'

Steve Jennings/WireImage
Steve Jennings/WireImage

Bad news for Slipknot fans. The end is nigh.

Okay, that might be a tad over-dramatic, but do know that the band won't last forever. In an interview on metal musician Daniel P. Carter’s podcast Someone Who Isn’t Me, frontman Corey Taylor alluded to the fact that he won't do this whole Slipknot thing forever.

When asked if he would ever give up touring:

“You know, honestly, if you’d have asked me a year ago I would have said no. But just now, I’m just kinda' starting to…I’m 42, I’m not young anymore and as willing as my will is, I’m just beat up.”

He added: 

“I don’t know if I would retire. I might step away from Slipknot at some point, just because the way the music is; that sense of energy. I don’t know if I could be able to do that into my 50s. And I would never want the band to feel like I was holding them back because I just couldn’t physically do it. So that means I wouldn’t completely quit music, I would probably just step away from Slipknot.”

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