February 23, 2016


Director Tim Erem Talks Working With Rihanna & Drake on 'Work' Video

Rihanna on VEVO
Rihanna on VEVO

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tim Erem, one of the two directors for Rihanna’s brand new dual-part “Work” video, discusses the details in working with two of the biggest stars in today’s music industry. Erem, who has previously done videos for Tove Lo and Major Lazer, speaks candidly on the dynamic chemistry between Rihanna and Drake, and even why the video is hued in its pinks and purples.

Erem directed the latter of the two “Work” videos, and it has less action but feels more intimate. In describing the type of relationship Drake and Rihanna have, Erem said, “These are just two friends that are really close to each other. Just put them in front of the camera and that’s what they do.” The affectionate familiarity the two share is definitely apparent onscreen, especially in the little glances the two give one another or the amount of times you can catch them laughing with each other. “Everyone’s asking, are they together or they this or are they that? No, they’re friends. They’re just amazing performers and they’re really close to each other,” he continues.

Additionally, working with either Rihanna or Drake was not as high pressure as it might seem. Erem says of Rihanna's personality: “She’s the best. She’s the coolest girl I’ve ever met, honestly. You can’t expect that A-list celebrities will be the nicest people. But this was something different.”

He has similar sentiments for Drake. “Drake is like the coolest,” Erem remarks. “Like Rihanna, they’re personal. It was like hanging out with your friends.”

Revisit the "Work" video here.