February 3, 2016


See Drake's Extended "Hotline Bling" Super Bowl Commercial for T-Mobile

Update (2/3): Watch the extended 60-second version of T-Mobile and Drake's Super Bowl commercial. This time the actual "Hotline Bling" video gets an extra moment to shine, as the corny cell phone provider execs hop in the box for to bust their corny cell phone provider exec moves.

Watch the original, briefer version below.

Original story (2/2): Drake’s “Hotline Bling” was a 2015-definer for sure…but wasn’t it missing just a little bit of wireless service provider specificity? Finally, during Super Bowl 50, some T-Mobile execs will recommend the improvement to The Boy, face-to-face.

T-Mobile and Drake’s commercial is set during the filming of the dance-alicious “Hotline Bling” video; at the end, it also plugs Apple Music, which has a deal with Drizzy. The 30-second ad will air sometime during the game, which goes down this Sunday (Feb. 7). It may indeed be the final "Hotline Bling" meme.

Super Bowl 50’s halftime show will come courtesy of Coldplay and—in a supporting role, somehow—Beyoncé. There’ll also be a dope Pokémon ad and a new commercial for Apartments.com starring Lil Wayne, just like the one that aired during the first Super Bowl back in 1967.