February 17, 2016


Eagles of Death Metal Return to Paris and 'Finish the Gig'

On November 13, 2015 a series of terrorist attacks killed 130 people in Paris, 90 of whom died at an Eagles of Death Metal concert at Le Bataclan concert hall. On Tuesday night the band returned to the City of Light, and played for 900 survivors of the attacks as part of a sold-out show at local venue Olympia. More than 2,800 fans were in attendance, according to CNN

EODM frontman Jesse Hughes spoke to CNN alongside bandmate Josh Homme in Paris on Tuesday afternoon, and called the band's headlining performance at Olympia "much more than just a show."

"I always lose myself in the music, but I'm going to lose myself in the kids, we're going to get lost in each other," Hughes said. A CNN correspondent referred to Tuesday night's show as a way for the band to "finish the gig" that ended in tragedy three months earlier.  

The band, helmed by Hughes and anchored by Homme on drums, blazed through a really fun and uplifting set on Tuesday night, which you can see in the video above. From several reports of the event, however, the atmosphere was emotional: According to the Associated Press, Hughes took the stage and yelled "Bonsoir Paris, we’re ready for this!” before the opening song. The band's set was also punctuated by Hughes' shouts of “Peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll!” There was of course a moment of silence, in which both the crowd and band bowed their heads in respect to the victims of the terror attacks. 

EODM showed gratitude by way of a few tweets sent Tuesday evening:

Some of the fans were understandably moved as well: 

Moving forward, EODM has a glut of 2016 tour dates that will see the band play across four different continents.