February 26, 2016


Fifth Harmony’s ‘Work From Home’ Arrives: Hear The New Single

Fifth Harmony is finally back with music from its sophomore album, 7/27, as “Work From Home” featuring Ty Dolla $ign kicked off the weekend—and 5H’s new era—in style. 

A lot of comparisons are going to be made between “Work From Home” and Rihanna’s new smash “Work,” due to the repetition of the shared titular word composing both choruses. However, “Work From Home” focuses on different themes from Rih's breakup track entirely, with the 5H ladies tossing out double entendres and grinning through demands that there “ain’t no getting off early.”

Fifth Harmony sounds like it’s having a blast operating over the warm bed of percussion, and Ty Dolla $ign’s lip-licking come-ons serve as the perfect foil for the group’s seductive challenges. Meanwhile, the music video duplicates the song’s mix of straightforward sexuality and PG-rated playfulness—5H has grown up and is enticing the adults, but they’re also making time for choreography, charming visual gags and (of course) each other.

7/27, the follow-up to last year’s Reflection, is due out on May 20. Click here for Camila Cabello’s thoughts on the forthcoming album.