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The 25 Best ‘Full House’ Episodes of All Time

While you’re binge-watching ‘Fuller House,’ relive the 25 essential episodes of the original series’ eight-year run. Have mercy!

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The Last Dance (Season 7)

Oh, you don’t remember the time Full House expertly handled a family death, when Uncle Jesse’s grandfather, Papouli, passes away in his sleep? Ya boy Papouli had never been in an episode of Full House before this one and he was immediately the coolest character! RIP Papouli, but huge props to the Tanners for helping a generation understand how to cope with personal loss.

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Our Very First Telethon (Season 3)

Just quintessential Full House, with a plot that doesn’t really make any sense (the family tries to raise $1 million by itself during an overnight telethon! $1 million!), all of the cast shining, and some deeply cheesy moments (remember the magic show routine?). If there was ever any doubt that they raise the $1 million, you don’t know your Full House.

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Michelle Rides Again (Part 2) (Season 8)

AKA Series Finale, AKA The One Where Michelle Gets Amnesia, AKA God Status. When Michelle falls off her horse, she can’t remember anything, which really sucks, but don’t worry, she’ll be fine after her memory visits her in a dream. D.J. also has a crappy date for the prom, but don’t worry, she’s got a cool dress and of course Steve is gonna show up at the end. The “Just like we always do”/“Just like we always will” finale made us sad that Full House was never coming back, because who could have predicted Netflix back in 1995?

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The Test (Season 7)

This one perfectly captures the anxiety of SAT time, has some absurdly funny jokes about burrito walkie-talkies, and whoa, is that Vanna White?? Just a super-solid latter-day Full House jam, with Candace Cameron tearing through the script with anxious looks and Dad Hugs.

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Tanner Island (Season 3)

This one is dope because the Tanners get stranded on an island with multiple children and Jesse and Becky are too busy bickering about Jesse’s over-infatuation with Elvis Presley to realize the severity of the situation. It might be time to panic… or hula! Yeah, they weren’t stranded, there was a big hula show right over yonder, and the family gets to perform in it, for some reason.

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The House Meets The Mouse (Part 2) (Season 6)

When Full House went to Orlando in a bit of ABC/Disney synergy, it was a Big Deal. Uncle Jesse hung out with Chip n Dale, D.J. kept seeing Steve everywhere she went and Danny kept trying to propose to Vicky. The Biggest Deal, however, was that Michelle won some Princess For a Day thing, got bossy, heard her family complaining about her bossiness, and just straight up ditched them. Pretty hardcore! Pretty dangerous! Pretty ripe for a lesson from dad.

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Love on the Rocks (Season 7)

FULL HOUSE - "Love On The Rocks" - Airdate: March 1, 1994. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)CANDACE CAMERON;
ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

D.J. and Steve breaking up surrounded by rocks, in an episode titled “Love on the Rocks,” was too much for our young souls to bare. At least we got to hear Scott Weinger’s voice again in Aladdin and its sequels.

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Air Jesse (Season 8)

If you’re a big basketball-head and Full House-head, this was the episode for you. If you love Kareem-Abdul Jabar’s skyhook as well as the idea of Uncle Jesse winning the hearts and minds of his fellow ballers, this was your time to shine.

9 / 25

The Seven-Month Itch (Season 1)

Wait, Uncle Jesse, you thought you were gonna leave the Full House house during the first visit? You thought you could escape the warm, laugh-tracked souls of your family? You thought Michelle was going to give you her stuffed pig and you WEREN’T going to break down crying on it? Uncle J, my man: You thought wrong.

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Subterranean Graduation Blues (Season 6)

FULL HOUSE - "Subterranean Graduation Blues" - Airdate: March 2, 1993. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)JODI
ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

This one is famous (I think) for having Uncle Jesse, who gets stuck in a subway on the way to his graduation, give a speech to a dropout and convince him to go back to school in about three minutes. It’s such a good speech! Also the B-plot with Kimmy babysitting Nicky and Alex is good for some laughs, especially when they bust out the finger-paint.

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Honey, I Broke The House (Season 3)

There have been some crazy occurrences on Full House—remember that episode where Uncle Jesse fought with Kimmy Gibler’s ostrich?—but Stephanie backing the car into the Tanner family kitchen was spectacular. Naturally, things get resolved within the 22-minute runtime, because there’s NOTHING Danny and co. can’t handle.

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The Wedding: Part 2 (Season 4)

Luke and Laura. Chandler and Monica. Jesse and Becky: Their wedding was just as unforgettable when it comes to hallowed TV nuptials. The two-part episode includes Uncle Jesse sky-diving and going to jail in tomato country, but it’s all chill, because he gets out and rides with a gospel choir to the wedding.

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Captain Video (Part 2)(Season 5)

This is the one where some hotshot record label tries to mess with Uncle Jesse’s “Forever” in order to try and score the big bucks. Unfortunately, you can’t mess with perfection. It’s crazy how the “Forever” video is still the most visually captivating and overall best music video of all time, 20 years later, and probably always will be.

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Shape Up (Season 4)

Snark aside, this one did a really respectable job of dealing with body issues in a sensible way: When D.J. has a pool party coming up, she decides to slim down by not eating for multiple days and hitting the gym way too hard. Anorexia is a difficult subject for a kids’ show to tackle, but kudos to Full House for going there.

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My Left and Right Foot (Season 8)

Michelle worries that her feet are too big. That’s it. That’s the whole central plot to the episode. It’s so good though. Trust.

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D.J.’s Very First Horse (Season 2)

D.J. and Kimmy were still pretty far away from being teenagers but were like, “Yo, let’s buy a horse.” It’s funny because they try to hide it from Stephanie, but it’s a HORSE, which is hard to hide! Unfortunately, the horse gets discovered from Danny and the gang, and D.J.’s very first horse becomes her very last horse. Considering this episode and the series finale, in which Michelle falls off a horse and gets amnesia, maybe Full House was just a subtle warning about the emotional strife horses can cause?

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Stephanie’s Wild Ride (Season 8)

Stephanie and Gia meet some cute guys, but unfortunately those cute guys like to drive WAY TOO FAST, and D.J. is completely not cool with watching her little sister drive around with some lunkheads who don’t understand the rules of the road. Stephanie is like, “I can do what I want!”… and then Gia gets into an accident. Tough lessons learned by all.

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Just Say No Way (Season 3)

FULL HOUSE - Cast Gallery - August 8, 1989. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)JODIE SWEETIN;BOB SAGET;CANDACE
ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

And what is it that you just say ‘no way’ to? Beer, of course. Uncle Jesse thinks he oversees D.J. pressuring some kids into drinking alcohol, and really, she was just clowning on them for being lame and not obeying the underage drinking laws. She’s a Tanner at heart; why can’t Uncle J understand that? Fortunately, Stephanie believes D.J., and helps her overcome this witch hunt. One last note: just say ‘hell yes’ to watching this episode again.

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Stephanie Gets Framed (Season 4)

The Urkel crossover episode. Need we say more?

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I’m Not D.J. (Season 6)

Stephanie gets totally pummeled by two friends (one of whom is ya girl Topanga from Boy Meets World) who realize that she doesn’t have her ears pierced. Steph has to fit in, at all costs, so she brings in Kimmy to punch some holes into her ears. Naturally, Kimmy sucks at piercing ears, and Stephanie’s ears get infected. The stakes are high. Will she learn a valuable lesson?

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Taking the Plunge (Season 8)

Duane is an impossibly underrated Full House character, and here are his credentials: 1. He’s Kimmy’s boyfriend; 2. He’s a plumber, or an aspiring plumber; 3. He only says the word ‘Whatever,’ in an unstoppably ‘90s move. Kimmy almost marries him in Reno after getting rejected by a bunch of colleges, in some sort of macabre-themed ceremony. It’s a bummer that they didn’t end up together, but, also, whatever.

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Dr. Dare Rides Again (Season 3)

Uncle Jesse’s friend Scott Baio stops by for a visit and totally rips on Uncle Jesse from going to “Dr. Dare to Dr. Seuss” for helping his brother-in-law raise three kids after his wife died. Scott Baio’s kind of a jerk! To prove his manhood or something, Uncle Jesse has to ride his motorcycle on the edge of a building rooftop, which is absolutely insane, but in the end family is more important than Scott Baio, and always will be!

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The Legend of Ranger Joe (Season 5)

Remember when Joey’s childhood idol Ranger Roy had acute physical paranoia and Joey pissed him off by hugging him? It’s bonkers that a show that was roughly composed of 40 percent hugging featured an episode with someone absolutely hates hugs. Thankfully, Joey gets back in his good graces and becomes a kids’ show host. Bonus: Mr. Woodchuck!

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Kissing Cousins (Season 7)

Jesse’s cousin Stavros comes for a visit, which gives John Stamos an opportunity to ham it up as a goofy Greek thug. The Full House gang literally sets up a sting operation at the Smash Club to expose Stavros as a lame-o trying to run off with their money to Orlando. Stamos won eight Emmys for this episode, four for Jesse and four for Stavros (this is not true but should be).

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Goodbye Mr. Bear (Season 2)

Mr. Bear goes missing, which is a huge freaking deal because Mr. Bear is the coolest stuffed animal in history (Exhibit A: he wears a trench coat!) Joey thinks that he accidentally donated Mr. Bear, and Stephanie gets furious because she hates charity (oh, and her mother gave her Mr. Bear and she loved her mother dearly, and also just kidding about the hating-charity part). Fortunately, Michelle knew where Mr. Bear was all along. It’s all good! Just like it always is in Full House. Just like it always will be.

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