February 17, 2016


‘Fuller House’ Combined with Donald Trump in ‘Jimmy Fallon’ Sketch

The cast of Full House is in the news for the upcoming reboot Fuller House; Donald Trump is in the news because… well, you know why. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon decided to smash these two things together in a segment where the Tanner clan comforts Trump after a bad dream.

Inhabiting Michelle Tanner’s old bedroom (now adorned with a Trump photo), Trump feels sad about potentially losing the Republican presidential nomination, despite winning the New Hampshire primary. Soon enough, Danny Tanner is joined by Uncle Jesse and Joey, who offer words of wisdom and fatally try to touch Donald’s hair.

“I need to stay in the race,” Fallon-as-Trump quips. “Otherwise a Clinton will be in the White House again. I mean, who wants to see something from the ’90s come back in 2016?” 

Fuller House hits Netflix in full on Feb. 26. Click here to read more about the first episode’s heartbreaking dedication.