February 24, 2016


Future Black History Month: Maria Borges Modernizes Modeling

Michael Stewart/FilmMagic
Michael Stewart/FilmMagic

This Black History Month we're spotlighting an artist, musician, actor, writer, anyone of real note, every day. If you're changing history as we know it, we're going to write about you. Now, we've celebrated our fair share of public figures, but not too many in the fashion game...until now. Meet Maria Borges.

If you haven't heard the name before, you've definitely seen photos of the Angolan supermodel. Where that industry can suffer from a lack of diversity, Borges reassures us all that black is beautiful, as if there was any question about that.

Borges' story is just getting started. She was discovered in 2010 when she placed second at the Angolan edition of the contest Elite Model Look. Fast forward three years and she's walking in the famed Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2013...and 2014 and 2015. We can expect her this year, too.

Beyond that, she was one of the first black models booked by Dior and she's modeled for everyone from Balmain to Zac Posen. As far as magazines go, she's been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue, W and more. Not bad for a model who hasn't been at the game too terribly long!

Perhaps most impressive is her outlook on the entire fashion game. In a world where black models are constantly compared to Naomi Campbell regardless of look or style, Borges stays optimistic. She told Fashionista, "I’m a big fan of Naomi Campbell. Of course, I want to have my own reputation, but Naomi was the first one to really reach a high level of fame. I want to be as successful as she is." At this rate, she will be.

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