February 17, 2016


Future Black History Month: WWE's The New Day Reigns Supreme

JP Yim/Getty Images
JP Yim/Getty Images

This year, we’re celebrating an extended Black History Month by highlighting a variety of rising forces who are creating history before our very eyes. Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods make up arguably the most popular act on today’s World Wrestling Entertainment roster—The New Day. The trio debuted back in 2014 to lackluster reactions from fans, and after a couple of floundering months decided to inject more of their real-life personalities into their wrestling personas. They turned the volume all the way up, and what resulted is one of the most unique, entertaining groups in WWE history. 

Each wrestler bring something unique to the stable: Kofi exhibits the old school veteran leadership, Big E is the muscle-bound preacher and Xavier Woods is the intellectual geek and trombone player. The New Day are “booked” on WWE TV as “bad guys,” but make no mistake, they are beloved by their audience and peers alike. All three members are incredibly gifted performers in the ring, and on the microphone they're just as skilled and entertaining. 

The New Day's promos are usually littered with pop culture references ranging from rap lyrics to video games to obscure anime. This paired with their delivery and charisma make for some of the most entertaining segments on WWE TV. They are the reigning tag-team champions, and focal points on every WWE program; you can rest assured there are more accolades in their future, together and individually. In a universe that suffers from a lack of diversity, The New Day has captured the brass ring and are redefining sports entertainment.