February 10, 2016


Now You Can Buy Pokémon's Game Boy Soundtrack on Vinyl

via turntablelab.com
via turntablelab.com

Lots of kids who grew up in the '90s loved Pokémon, and it just so happens that quite a few of those gamers are now adults who are obsessed with vinyl records. All those reformed game-heads are in luck though, because Pokémon's soundtrack for Game Boy has been officially put on wax. The record, which actually looks just like a Pokéball with its red perimeter and white center, was released by Moonshake Records, and contains 43 tracks scored for the show and game by composer Junichi Masuda. 

Oh yeah, and the album is called Pokémon, just in case listeners need to be reminded of what they're listening to. 

Those looking to catch 'em all have made good on the show's official credo, however: The original 500 pressings released by Moonshake have officially been sold out. But if you're not willing to give up hope and absolutely need the Pokémon record, Turntable Lab has you covered with restock notifications. If a record becomes available, the modest price is $49.95. 

The Pokémon record is part of a glut of products rolled out for the franchise's twenty-year anniversary, which actually ended last year.