February 5, 2016


Halsey Turns Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" Into "F--k Yourself": Watch

Halsey paid a visit to Australian radio station triple j, swinging by the Like A Version segment for an interview and live performance. Like the BBC Radio 1 of down under, the station asked Hal and her band decided to cover a current radio hit. 

Apparently FCC rules are a bit different in the island continent, because she managed to turn Justin Bieber's family-friendly hit "Love Yourself" into "Fuck Yourself," which seems like a very Halsey thing to do. 

What's remarkable about the change is that it works, in both interpretations: it could be a kiss off, it could be about masturbation. It just makes sense.

It's unclear which way Halsey meant it to be, but one thing is certain: the cover slays.

Watch it above, then check out our Hal-heavy playlist that will make you fall in love with the singer. Make sure to read up on why the world needs her, too.