February 22, 2016


Halsey Drops Teaser for 'Colors' Video Feat. Tyler Posey

Halsey is set to debut her latest video "Colors" later this week, she announced through a teaser video tweeted out earlier today. The 15-second clip appears to include shots of Tyler Posey as the chiseled, letterman-jacket-wearing love interest to Halsey's cheerleader.

Befuddling, however, is the fact that in the teaser for what Halsey assures us is the "Colors" music video, the song playing in the background is actually "Strange Love," a track that appeared on the deluxe edition of her latest record Badlands. The mixup confused some of her followers:

But Halsey was quick to assure that all will be explained in due time:

Hopefully come Thursday, we'll have some real answers.