February 21, 2016


Paramore's Hayley Williams & New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert Got Married

Last night Paramore singer Hayley Williams and New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert tied the knot in a small ceremony in Nashville, Tenn. The couple had been together for eight years, getting engaged on Christmas Day 2014, which was announced at the time from Gilbert's Instagram:

Now, the deed is done. After an engagement of a little over a year, Williams and Gilbert will hopefully live happily ever after while making sweet, sweet pop-ska-punk til the end of their days. Photos from the event, shared mostly through fan pages of the Paramore singer, reveal that the couple is in fact, completely adorbs.

So congratulations to the wedded couple! Best to you and yours! To Chad, well done: after all this time, she's still into you. And to Hayley, be careful, for Chad still might pick his friends over you from time to time.

Enjoy the honeymoon and let us know if you are touring together once you get back.