February 19, 2016


Jason Derulo’s ‘Wiggle’ Lyrics, Explained To Old People

Perhaps you are an old person who has heard Jason Derulo’s hit single “Wiggle.” Perhaps, because you are an old person, you do not know what Jason Derulo is talking about in “Wiggle.” Jimmy Kimmel has you covered.

On Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Derulo was on-hand to help Kimmel translate the “Wiggle” lyrics for an older generation. For instance: "Patty cake, patty cake with no hands. Got me in this club making wedding plans,” becomes, "He's saying you're doing such a good job with the butt-shaking, he's hiring a caterer, he's choosing a color scheme, he's renting a tuxedo because he's about to propose."

Derulo recently released the new single “Naked,” featuring K. Michelle. Watch the steamy video here.