February 3, 2016


Watch Lil Wayne & Jeff Goldblum's Apartments.com Super Bowl Commercial

Recently, with Super Bowl commercial season ramping up, we've seen a few mystifying 15-second "big game teasers" featuring Lil Wayne and George Washington discussing burger buns, wooden teeth and the potential for cooking beans on the grill.

Now a minute-long follow-up in the Apartments.com commercial saga makes it clear: Weezy and Georgie have been building up to a barbecue. On the balcony. Of an apartment with a miniature rooftop football field, complete with goalpost.

And it's showcased by—you guessed it!—Jeff Goldblum singing and playing piano as he's lifted to the top of the giant apartment building by a crane. After those drunk Apple ad viral videos, the only place for Mr. Ian Malcolm to go was, clearly, here.