February 11, 2016


Kanye West Cried Writing "Father Stretch My Hands": Read the Lyrics

As we count down the hours until Kanye West streams his seventh full-length, The Life of Pablo (formerly Waves and Swish and So Help Me God), we look to 'Ye's Twitter for whatever gold nuggets he feels so obligated to share with us. Last night it was the final album title and tracklist. As of a few minutes ago, it's lyrics to a new song.

Check out the lines behind "Father Stretch My Hands" above; it's listed as a two-part song on the tracklist. According the tweet, it made him cry.

A careful eye will note the line "Momma pass in Hollywood," clearly referencing the death of Kanye's mother, Donda West, at the age of 58 follow plastic surgery. The lines "Lost my soul / Driving fast /Lost control / Off the road / Jaw was broke" nod to the 2002 car accident that birthed his debut single, "Through the Wire."

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