February 24, 2016


Watch Kanye West Debut a Jay Z–Sampling Seven-Minute Song

Noisey writes that Kanye West did "a low-key show at 10AK in Los Angeles" on Tuesday, Feb. 23. And courtesy of a new video showing 'Ye soundboard-jockeying the way he did at Madison Square Garden, we've got a new song, possibly called "Closest Thing to Einstein"—which would add up with previous self-comparisons—and apparently more than seven minutes long. 

The track samples Jay Z's In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 classic "Where I'm From." (It technically samples a tiny Yvonne Fair sound blip sample, but.) It seems like it's got Drake's "Too Much" collaborator Sampha, too.

Watch Kanye do his thing with his new song above, or listen to the low-quality rip below. If you spent a couple days listening to The Life of Pablo via Tidal's Madison Square Garden video while waiting for the real version, you should be used to this by now.

Especially love how Kanye's rapping about the rampant pointless mental health diagnoses he's getting on Twitter, and the $53 million debt he recently revealed, and social issues and, of course, being "this generation's closest thing to Einstein."

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