February 25, 2016


Kesha Supporters to Rally Outside Sony Headquarters in New York City

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Kesha's supporters are organizing a rally outside of Sony's New York City headquarters planned for Friday (Feb 26). The protest will reinforce messages of support the artist received online shortly after losing a legal battle with producer Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald, whom Kesha accused of mental and sexual abuse in a 2014 lawsuit. Under the court's ruling, Kesha may not be able to opt out of her current deal with Dr. Luke's record label, Kemosabe, which is owned by Sony.

Friday's protest will be the second physical showing of support expressed by Kesha's fans in New York. The singer was denied an injunction against Dr. Luke in a New York City court on February 19, as fans crowded the street outside, carrying banners in a showing of solidarity. Since then, the #FreeKesha hashtag started trending on Twitter, and numerous recording artists extended supportive messages. Taylor Swift even gifted her a lucrative sum of money.

Friday's event will mirror the sentiment already expressed by Kesha's fervent fan-base. In a statement regarding the protest, event organizer Lacey Kohlmoos told Billboard

"Whether or not Kesha's music affected someone personally, this case represents the unfair treatment of sexual assault survivors around the globe. It is important for Sony to see the uproar they have caused, so protesters are bringing it right to their front door."

In another statement, the event's lead organizer, Michael Eisele, noted that even if Kesha is to record without Dr Luke, any of her new music will still be released on Dr. Luke's label, Kemosabe, and therefore have her alleged abuser's name attached to it. 

"Kesha was offered by Sony to record music with producers other than Dr. Luke. However, Kesha is signed with Kemosabe, Dr. Luke's recording label, which is under Sony Music's umbrella. Therefore, any music Kesha is expected to release will be under his label, have his name on it, earn him profits and will be undoubtedly left to plummet...regardless of who the producer is."

The rally takes place from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at 550 Madison Ave. on Friday, February 26.