February 13, 2016


Killer Mike Explains Beyoncé's 'Formation' Video and Super Bowl Performance

Killer Mike joined the Real Time with Bill Maher roundtable  last night (Feb. 12) to offer his explanation of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl “Formation” performance. In response to comments made by Rush Limbaugh and Rudy Giuliani, Killer Mike addresses who Beyoncé’s video was actually aimed at and its political significance. 

In the clip above, Killer Mike clarifies:

"She's talking to other black people saying, 'Look, stupid, because I'm not at Ferguson when you want me to be doesn't mean I sold you out.' And then the rest of the first verse is her telling other black people, 'I like being black, this is the type of black I am. I like the fact my daughter's black, I like my old Michael Jackson nose, I like my child with an afro. I like me.' White people, that conversation wasn't even for you."

Killer Mike further expands upon the Black Panther style references, and the misconceptions surrounding the radical Black organization. “Other white people, the history they teach you in white school is not exactly right,” he says.

Revisit Beyoncé’s “Formation” video here.