February 25, 2016


Ladies' Code Return From Tragedy With 'Galaxy'

Tragedy struck the K-pop scene in September 2014 when Ladies' Code was involved in a fatal car accident that left two of its five members dead, while the remaining three had a mix of major and minor injuries and, undoubtedly, a lot to process. Nearly a year and a half after the incident, Ladies' Code has returned as a trio with a new single "Galaxy."

Somewhat unsurprisingly, LC has changed up their original concept that boasted a brassy sound and colorful clothes. For "Galaxy," the women are embracing a dreamy R&B sound and don more mature and sophisticated looks. It's certainly a big difference from "Kiss Kiss" (their last single before their tragedy), but is by far one of the best releases from the group. And while it's still early in 2016, "Galaxy" could also make a play as one of the best K-pop songs of the year with such a subtle-yet-glamourous soul sound.

While it's certainly sad to see the group as three instead of their original five, on the positive side, it's wonderful to see members Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny are still pushing on their dreams of being performers. There is one scene that feels like a nod to the original five as a faraway shot shows the three members dancing with two dimly lit backup dancers, almost as if the ghosts of the late EunB and RiSe are still with them. It's eerie yet touching.

"Galaxy" is the lead single off the group's three-track comeback EP, Myst3ry. Get a feel for the new release in an official album preview below and stream it via Apple Music here.

Welcome back, Ladies' Code! We're glad you're back.