February 19, 2016


Lady Gaga Unexpectedly Walked in Marc Jacobs' NYFW Show

Getty Images
Getty Images

There were loads of fabulous things to see at New York Fashion Week 2016, and if you weren't paying close enough attention, you might have missed one of its most buzzed-about moments.

Without any prior announcement or grand reveal, Lady Gaga walked as a model in Marc Jacobs' February 18 show. Looking like a true pro, the star gave a posh stare and focused on the runway as she donned a large black-and-green coat, matching purse, and huge platform boots. Gaga also rocked a new look with her hair in finger waves coupled with heavy eye makeup and dark lips.

According to reports, Gaga initially went unnoticed in the show that also boasted the likes of Kendall Jenner as a fellow runway model, and Anna Wintour and Christina Ricci in the audience. As video footage (below) shows, the giveaway is Gaga's significant height difference compared to the towering, leggy models.

"Is that her? The blonde?" comedian Sandra Bernhard asked ABC News after the show. "OK, I honestly didn't know it. She is unrecognizable! She's a chameleon. But yeah, she looked great now that I know for sure it was her."

Watch footage from the show below: