BERLIN, GERMANY - JULY 05: Singer Michael Gira of the American band Swans performs live during a concert at the Volksbuehne o
Frank Hoensch/Redferns via Getty Images

Larkin Grimm, the indie musician who accused Michael Gira of rape on Thursday (Feb. 25), has issued a new statement on the matter, saying that her allegations serve to "protect other women." 

Grimm originally accused Gira—bandleader of decade's-old experimental post-punk band Swans—of rape in an incident from 2008. At the time, Gira was producing her record, Parplar. Grimm called the incident "an absolute tragedy." Gira has since defended himself by issuing his own statements on Facebook, in which he derided Grimm's assertion as a "slanderous lie."

In Grimm's new statement, obtained by Billboard, the musician writes: 

"Michael's statement is basically an admission of guilt, and underscores my message that we must all learn the meaning of consent so there are no blurred lines between sex and rape. Anyone can be a rapist. All it takes is a moment of unchecked desire and a lack of self control. There are good men out there who may have raped in ignorance of the effects of their actions."

Gira has yet to publish another statement of defense. Read Grimm's poignant letter in full over at Billboard.