February 8, 2016


‘Lip Sync Battle’: Watch Christina Aguilera Sing ‘Lady Marmalade’ with Hayden Panettiere

This season of Lip Sync Battle has featured some solid celeb cameos, most memorably Beyoncé’s “Run The World (Girls)” surprise alongside Channing Tatum. This Thursday (Feb. 11), we’re in for another splashy guest star, as Christina Aguilera is set to pop up during Hayden Panettiere’s rendition of “Lady Marmalade.”

In the teaser above, we get a taste of Panettiere’s best Moulin Rouge routine, with dancers, feathers and full-on Xtina wardrobe. Eventually, Aguilera herself is unveiled, and has zero time for lip synching when she could be full-on belting. 

The new episode of Lip Sync Battle will air this Thursday on Spike TV, which just ordered a show that combines Lip Sync Battle, Carpool Karaoke and Cash CabRead more about that charming frankenstein here.