February 13, 2016


Hear K. Michelle's Heartfelt New Single 'Ain't You'

K. Michelle is on the cusp of releasing her third studio album More Issues Than Vogue on March 25, and on Thursday dropped a new single off the album called "Ain't You." It's a just a taste of what's slated to be a big year for the R&B singer and reality-TV star. 

"Ain't You" is a soul-bearing affair, in which the singer gripes about the emotional pain and pitfalls of romance. She sings as part of the chorus: "Baby I ain't tryin' to change you" over an atmospheric beat that features a thumping snare drum. 

K. Michelle recently told Billboard that she's looking to expand her musical acumen on More Issues Than Vogue, and that she might even draw inspiration from country music on the record. In effect, K. Michelle says that listeners should expect quite-the-diverse album:

"If I want to be able to sing country, I want to be able to show that. I want to be able to sing ballads that touch the world and not just one demographic. I’m just not going to be told that because I’m black, I have to do this anymore."

Meanwhile, K. Michelle featured in the sultry video for Jason Derulo's "Naked," which premiered Wednesday. It's pretty much NSFW, in case you were wondering.