February 28, 2016


A Ton of Dope Artists Remixed Miguel's 'Waves'

Mark Venema/Getty Images
Mark Venema/Getty Images

Miguel is back with new music for us to dance to!

Well, sort of.

Friday, his Rogue Waves EP dropped, featuring five remixes of the his track "Waves" from last year's Wildheart. While Miguel was generous enough to give us a taste of the new tracks in late January when he dropped the Travis Scott remix, we can now rejoice in five different artists bringing their own take to "Waves."

The Tame Impala remix stands out as bubbly and bright; there are points where you can't tell if you're flying through the sky or swimming through the depths of the ocean. Kacey Musgraves on the other hand takes the song and melds it into an indie singalong that sounds like it comes straight from the funkiest beach bonfire you've ever imagined.

Miguel has stayed busy beyond commissioning dope artists to remix his songs. Last week he popped into his old middle school to perform in their talent show (assuredly horrifying the next act to take the stage). He also paid tribute to the King of Pop at the GRAMMY Awards two weeks ago.

You can listen to the Rogue Waves EP in its entirety below via Spotify.