February 24, 2016


Live-Action 'Dragon Ball Z' Web-Series Secures Full Funding

One of the greatest things about watching Dragon Ball Z—or any martial arts inspired, fantasy show—was pretending that all of the magic and high-flying kicks were real. Because many of those early Dragon Ball Z fans are now adults, the internet has been gifted a fan-made web-series of the show that will see it performed by real humans in live-action. 

The web-series is a project of Robot Underdog, a group that bills itself "a small team of talented individuals working together to make awesome things." Robot Underdog initially struggled a bit to secure funding for its live-action Dragon Ball Z production via Indiegogo, but found success when it tried again, and recently bested it's original goal by 117 percent. This all but ensures that the show will go on. Apparently humanity needs its Dragon Ball Z

The pilot for Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope was uploaded to YouTube exactly one year ago today (Feb 24). Watch it above, then stand in front of the mirror and practice your best "Ki Blast." The show will finally be ready to watch by late spring.