February 29, 2016


MAMAMOO Get Funky, Funny With 'You're the Best'

Coming into 2016, MAMAMOO have become one of the top girl groups in K-pop. The rise comes mainly from focusing on their talents and showing a refreshing attitude and sense of humor not usually seen in the community. For their debut full-length Melting, the quartet perfect what makes them so unique, delivering what very well might be their best single and music video to date.

"You're the Best" is the official lead single off MAMAMOO's LP; it incorporates the group's signature throwback style but blends in a mix of feel-good bubblegum pop to make this a surefire go-to for the upcoming warm weather. Throughout, you can hear the girls' on-point harmonies and vocal cohesion, which reminds one why they're being called successors to Brown Eyed Girls, another female act famous for having four all-star members.

The accompanying video showcases the group's fun personalities as they shack up at a hotel and fall for the boy checking them in. There's loads of embarrassing and quirky moments for the ladies throughout, many dealing with food; they slurp pasta, guzzle tropical drinks and gag on fried bugs. It's a refreshingly bold move to see the girls act so playful with food as dieting and food intake is a rather controversial topic for both women and men in K-pop.

"You're the Best" leads off Melting, which was previewed by two buzz singles, the vocally heavy R&B ballad "I Miss You" and the swaggerific "Taller Than You" (watch its fun music video below). You can stream Melting now via Spotify: