February 19, 2016


Marilyn Manson and Shooter Jennings Cover David Bowie's 'Cat People': Listen

The late David Bowie's death has inspired all manner of tributes from artists across the industry, but none have caught the subtle mystique of the singer's '80's catalogue like Marilyn Manson and Shooter Jennings. Their cover of "Cat People" is a dreary masterpiece. 

According to Billboard, Manson frequently warms up before shows by singing the song, using Bowie's throbbing baritone as a means of preparation. Press play above: Manson gets the song's feel as if he wrote it himself.

Rolling Stone notes that Jennings, famous for his outlaw country tunes, was blindsided by the passing of Bowie, whom he considered a major inspiration. He solicited the help of Manson for the track. The duo's oeuvre to Ziggy Stardust appears on Jenning's forthcoming record, ountach (For Giorgio). It will be released February 23 on Jenning's label Black Country Rock, which is—unsurprisingly—also named after a Bowie song