February 25, 2016


M.I.A. Calls out the NFL on "Boom ADD" Track: Listen

M.I.A. dug into her massive music stash to drop a new (well, kind of) track titled "Boom ADD" on Feb. 25. The song, which she explained on Twitter is the full-length version of 2013 Matangi song "Boom Skit," is another reference to her NFL lawsuit.

Recorded in 2012, "Boom ADD" opens with what sounds like a lawyer explaining the Super Bowl halftime legal battle. “They’re suing you for damaging their fantastic reputation by flipping the bird. They can only come after you for half of your income over $500,000 per year or all of your income over $5 million per year," the unidentified voice says before the bombastic (no pun intended) production kicks in.