February 10, 2016


Watch Eight Minutes of Very Emotional 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Deleted Scenes

Mrs. Doubtfire is a quintessential '90s comedy that saw Robin Williams impersonating a maid to spend time with his kids after a divorce separated them. It's full of classic scenes, flannel shirts and trademark Williams quirks and silliness. It also had a lot of really sad scenes that were apparently deleted before the film's release in 1993. 

Journalist Matthew Keys unearthed an eight-minute reel of the flick's deleted scenes and published it to YouTube Sunday. They're all real tearjerkers and indicate that director Chris Columbus might have been trying to make the split between Daniel Hillard (Williams) and his ex-wife Miranda (Sally Field) much uglier. 

For example, there's one scene when Williams attempts to sit next to Fields at their oldest daughter's spelling bee. The couple winds up making a big scene and driving their daughter, Lydia, to tears onstage because there's no seat for her dad to sit in. 

See? Sad, right? 

The deleted scenes drive home the fact that Williams was a tremendous dramatic actor, which was something that often got lost amid his prolific comedy career. After the episode at the spelling bee, there's several close-ups of Williams delivering gut-wrenching apologies to Lydia with tears in his eyes. Luckily, for the sake of LOL fans everywhere, the film cut these scenes and instead focused on Williams dressing up like a woman and making comedic gold. 

Before Williams passed away, he and Columbus were discussing a sequel Mrs. Doubtfire. Columbus told Entertainment Weekly that a sequel was "something that Robin and I had always talked about."