February 8, 2016


'Look Who's Back': Netflix Bought a Comedy About Adolf Hitler Returning


Netflix—perhaps aware that it's become impossible to keep up with every new series, movie and comedy special it's got in development—has a big, weird one coming up. On April 9, thanks to a new worldwide rights deal, everyone who's not allergic to subtitles will get to watch a 2015 German film called Look Who's Back. And Adolf Hitler is who's back.

Director David Wnendt's adaptation of Timur Vermes' 2012 novel imagines Hitler waking up, miraculously (anti-miraculously?) alive, in present-day Germany. He's commensurately furious about the nation's multiculturalism, people think he's a Method comedian, he becomes famous as such. Hitler hijinks!

Also on Netflix's horizon: A Gilmore Girls revival, a new Pee-wee Herman movie, a Digimon-meets-Sailor-Moon–looking beast called Glitter Force and, don't even act like you don't already know, the Full House sequel series Fuller House.

Here's a fan-created trailer for Look Who's Back (via Flavorwire):