February 25, 2016


'Fuller House' Cast Defends TV Reboots: 'We’re Not Pretending This is 1995'

JB Lacroix/WireImage
JB Lacroix/WireImage

Reboots of popular TV shows and films have quickly become a trend—from the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival to a spin on cult classic, Cruel Intentions. But aside from '90s nostalgia enthusiasts, most people would like the past to stay, well, in the past. Yet the cast of Fuller House (a reboot coming soon to Netflix) would argue otherwise!

Actors Dave Coulier (also known as funny man Joey Gladstone) and Jodie Sweetin (or the bratty Stephanie Tanner) spoke to Vulture about reasons why they believe reboots can actually be a good thing. "It’s not a one-off reunion. We’re not pretending this is 1995, when the show was canceled," Coulier explained.

Sweetin also brought up the nostalgia factor: "It’s a trip that people are still interested. It’s weird when people are like, 'Oh my gosh! I remember that episode when Stephanie did this!' Things I don’t remember."

And the Olsen twins' absence? "I get it," Coulier says. "I don’t know how much I could reconnect with something I did when I was in diapers. But I think we were all a little disappointed, because it would’ve been nice to be together again with them." Sweetin adds that she "had a feeling they might not want to come back and do it." Coulier promises Mary-Kate and Ashley have an "open invite" to come on any time.

Viewers will be able to judge Fuller House themselves when it appears on Netflix this Friday, February 26. Click here to watch some teasers ahead of the premiere.