February 29, 2016


New Frank Ocean Music Leaks

Josh Brasted/WireImage
Josh Brasted/WireImage

Just when you started to think Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry—originally set for July 2015—would never land on earth, there's a ray of hope. It comes in the form of a three-minute leak that sounds like it was recorded from a car driving next to another car that had it playing on the stereo with the window halfway down.

Go listen on Soundcloud before it gets pulled

Update: That clip's been pulled, but now we've got a 30-second clip with samples of what sound like two different songs. The tracks originally appeared on Instagram, where an uploader's caption said there was a "very very secret frank ocean listening party" on Sunday night. Listen here.

The track—no titled available, sorry—opens with Frank apparently rapping some bars with a barreling flow that kinda reminds of of us Odd Future brother Earl Sweatshirt. Two distinct movements follow, each about a minute long. The middle is silky, sing-y Frank; the last is super boppy and has us more pumped for Boys Don't Cry than we've been in a long time.

Frank Ocean recently resurfaced as a guest star on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo album. He's the final voice on "Wolves," the album's last track before the bonus songs.