February 23, 2016


New Justin Bieber Emerges: Listen to 'Oh Girl'

Kevin Winter/WireImage
Kevin Winter/WireImage

It's only been a little more than three months since Justin Bieber dropped Purpose, so we'd be a little silly to hope for new music. But leaks? Leaks are fair game, right?

A new track called "Oh Girl" just started floating around, and it feels pretty in line with the pop star's recent high-quality output. It's piano based but 100 percent still a danceable track, one that luxuriates in its almost-five-minute length. (Are we crazy for saying we could picture this as a Future song?) Listen to Bieber's "Oh Girl" here.

On Feb. 1, Bieber grabbed his third No. 1 single with "Love Yourself," which nudged "Sorry" out of the top spot. On Monday, El Biebs was announced alongside Rihanna as a headliner for the U.K.'s V Festival. Last week he got his

When you're through listening, you should definitely check out "Sorry" sung in 20 different styles, the latest offering from the Ten Second Songs guy.